Moosey Mania DVD

Gentlemen... Charge your batteries!

The first in our line of DVDs and featuring 69 minutes of incredible footage! This DVD was the start of it all and brought to the masses by popular demand as our movies were proving to be so popular. We put everything into this one and it remains once of the most popular of our DVDs to this day.

You'll be on the edge of your seat when you watch this one! Absolutely classic extreme SRB sand dune action. Amazing 3-speed mud action like you've never seen and of course the usual daft bonus action.

Watch on the big screen in your favourite chair for ultimate enjoyment. Sit back and enjoy, watch it over and over and you'll still be going back for more...

Sorry, no longer available.
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Actual screen shots from the DVD:
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By blazerfrazer 29/08/2006 10:30:35
Moosey Mania
I received my DVD next day after purchasing it which was in time for the bank holiday weekend! A bunch of us Vintage Tamiya nutters got together and watched it, All I can say is Awesome, it was non stop action from start to finish, nicely split into chapters so you can go back and watch your favourite bits, lots of Yorkshire funny bits.. lol and plenty of new ideas and camera perspectives, totally recommend it, there was a part where we thought there was a real truck thrown in to catch us out for a laugh but it was a model taken in very realistic surroundings with the camera quite low down. I cant wait for the next one, Well done lads, great entertainment...Blazerfrazer (UK)
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