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'Yeaaaaaah Rat fans!'
No it's not an 80's kids icon, but a look in to the world of aging your model long before it's time.
Justin explains how he did his and the results are.. well you'll see...
A true classic racer, but not as you know it?...
Find out a best kept secret from the 80's. Not only Tamiya were making kits, but illegal copies were being made at a cut down price!
3 Speed gearbox problems? Not anymore!...
A superb article on how to take apart and rebuild your complicated 3 speed gearbox.
Don't miss the FREE manual to download.
Tamiya Re-releases ... what do YOU think?
Will they ever stop? What effect does it have? What models are coming next? Why are they doing it? What is my collection now worth? Should I sell stuff now?
Rewind back to 2006
Tamiya101 has only been around six years or so. But we thought it time to get down and personel with you... at last!
Sand Rover SRB Conversion
The classic and popular Sand Rover has always deserved to sit on an SRB chassis in order to take it's scale realism to the next level. Check out our Sand Rover build project here...

Old Tamiya R/C Guide books
One night I was sat reading in bed and realised what was going. Something very special after all these years..

Spot the Difference?
The re-release Holiday Buggy turned out to not really be a re-release at all but the original shell on a modern chassis. This article describes how we've modified a DT-02 2010 Holiday Buggy to to look much more like the vintage classic!
Original or Alloy?
Fed up of trying to find that rare part after months and months of searching on ebay and the like?
Well thanks to j-man, who's been working hard on replacing some of those parts with an aluminium alternative. Here's his first offering..

Vintage vs Re-Release Sand Scorcher kit?
Yes, you read it right. Moosey is a lucky fella owning an original Scorcher NIB. So we take advantage by comparing both old and new kits seeing as Tamiya have answered our dreams with the all new 2010 Sand Scorcher!!..
Build your very own Snow chains!
As a kid, with your first Tamiya buggy ready to go. How exciting was it when it snowed? Thinking you would be able to rip around at great speed in it.. and, you were massively disappointed!
Now here's you're chance to change all that!..

Boomerang Re-Release... Back from the dead!
Tamiya have been at it again and released yet another 80's favourite. Will it 'come back' to you the second time around?..

Build the perfect Baja Scorcher!
Rad22Rad is widely regarded as the Jedi master of custom creations. His one-off creations always inspire and combine genuine performance upgrades with jaw dropping scale realism. In this article he explains every step in the creation of his awesome Snap-On Scorcher...
Hotshot Re-Release ... Too good to miss!
The recent re-release of the Hotshot by Tamiya has got us very excited! So much so that we wrote this article to share the excitement of the build with you. Hot Sh*t or Sh*t Hot?
Stripping paint from ABS shells using brake fluid
Everything you ever wanted to know about removing old paint the easy way! This article shows you how it's done using a Blazing Blazer shell as an example.
Tamiya VW Baja Beetle shell comparison - UPDATED With the new 2010 Scorcher shell
In this article we detail the differences between the Sand Scorcher shell and later Monster Beetle/Blitzer beetle shells and also show how to fit the later shells on a Sand Scorcher.
What's it worth? A guide to model valuations
This article explains some of the terminology used to describe the condition and value of models within the collectors circle and gives some idea of where to start looking up values.
Painting Tyre Lettering
It's one of those small details that makes a huge difference visually to your models and makes . This quick article explains one quick and easy method of getting it right every time.
Super Champ Restoration
It might not be everyone's favourite SRB but the Super Champ is still a cool scale model and it's great to see one finished the way it deserves to be. This article is another step-by-step restoration.
Creating a cut-down Sand Scorcher runner body
Moosey explains how he created his latest "sand racer" style Scorcher runner body from a Blizter Beetle shell. A step-by-step guide helping you create a sharp looking Sand Scorcher body that won't break the bank!
Super Sabre Restoration
Another detailed article showing how a tired and tatty Super Sabre has been converted into a shelf queen to be proud of. Some great tips in here for anyone thinking of any kind of restoration project.
Mountaineer New Build!
An amazingly comprehensive account of the build up of a Mountaineer from a new boxed kit. It's not every day that this is done so here's how this kit became a stunning showpiece..
Pro Painting Tips
Learn how to paint your ABS shells like a pro. Here we discuss the complete process from preparation through applying paint to finishing off with lacquer and polishing.
10 Tips To Improve Your Photos
Here's some common sense rules to follow that will allow you to not only take good photos but to also take some truly brilliant ones, an article you cannot afford to miss...

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