Outer Limits DVD

They came from Outer Uranus!

This time we really have pushed it to the 'LIMITS'...

Explosions, fire, water and more! Sit back and enjoy real movie style story lines, pirotechnics, oscar winning acting performances from the 101 team and incredible mind blowing vintage r/c action. Oh, and we've even made our very own 'pop' video along with the usual hillarious bonus movies that will guarantee to make you laugh.

How's this for a line-up?
Lunchbox, Sand Scorcher, Wild Willy, King Cab, Hilux Monster Racer, Rough Rider, Vintage and modern 3-speeds, Supershot, Holiday Buggy, Sand Rover, Bear Hawk, Superchamp, Porsche 959, Celica GrB and Lancia Rally!

Sorry, no longer available.
Please see our video website www.rc101tube.com
 Don't believe us? Why not watch the trailer?
Actual screen shots from the DVD:
Still don't believe us?..
By Roy Gastle 10/06/2009 19:04:06
Mines just arrived in't post today YEAH :-) the superman bit is pure class, had me in stitches. The smokey and the bandit bit was again ace (did the F350 survive for another day??) Some superb action and the quality just gets better and better. I'm off to order a curry and watch it again ... Cheers Steve & Mark (and the rest) ...
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