RC Bandits DVD

The boys are back!

100% new & exclusive footage... You won't have seen any of this anywhere else!

The second of our DVDs bringing you no less than 16 different vintage models as well as some more modern classics to the screen! The boys are back with more incredible action, more craziness and stunning scenery! Watch these models being put throug their paces, 3 speeds totally submerged, insane jumps and more!

Watch on the big screen in your favourite chair for ultimate enjoyment. Sit back and enjoy, this DVD has now sold to all corners of the globe and we've received nothing but good feedback for it!

Sorry, no longer available.
Please see our video website www.rc101tube.com
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Actual screen shots from the DVD:
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By Wireless 25/04/2007 17:27:08
I've just got my copy of RC Bandits - couldn't wait to get my mitts on it. It's everything that was great about Moosey Mania plus a whole load more. It's got the very best of Tamiyas products from the last 25 years all getting thrapped about. Top camerawork and slick editing with cool soundtracks makes it even better than Moosey Mania. The best bet is you haven't seen ANY of this stuff before. It's all exclusive. Absolutely top notch. Forget shitty movies on your computer, get them on the big screen...!!! 10/10
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