58100 - Top-Force
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By moosey 16/10/2010 12:17:01

Many, many thanks to JWeston for supplying the model photos.


By Moosey 04/10/2006 15:21:04

The Top Force was basically a Hoped-up Mantaray. But with a far better looking body. Came with fibre glass upper/ lower chassis & front/rear shock towers as standard. Light weight wheels & oil shocks. Oh & ball diffs front & rear.

A superb track off roader 4WD for it's time. But I've run one of these off road (not on a track) & it's ground clearence isn't so good to get over those bigger bumps.
Still, It's light, Simple, Strong & goes well with a powerful motor.

Tamiya made a mad version of it too.. Top Force Evolution (58107)
It has just about every single hop-up option fitted, But came without a motor.
Titanium screws all round, Hi-cap dampers & carbon fibre chassis plates, Fully ball raced, Superb!
Body was the same, But with different decals.

Prices of the Top Force are not so good now, As Tamiya re-released it in 2005. It is basically exactly the same.
However, The Top Force Evo still demands crazy prices due to it's limited production run.

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