58002 - Martini Porsche 935 Turbo
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By slimmy 02/03/2011 05:42:55

This car is another impressive porsche from tamiya. My favorite just under the 934. I didn't build the car, I purchased a beautiful new build and paid a good amount of cash for it. But it is spectacular! And ls a very appreciated addition to my collection. It too has the same chassis as the 934 only with a different battery holder and speed control. The body is wildly modified when compared to the 934. And looks like a pain to assemble. Thankfully the decals are water slides and with the addition of a chemical called micro-sol, look very good. Just like they were painted on. I am very proud to have this one in my collection. All are welcome to visit my showroom and view a most beautiful porsche 935. Built by a real master. 442xcar. The car can also be seen in his showroom.


By Moosey 05/10/2006 23:15:30

What a stunning looking Porsche! My favourite. The chassis is shared with the number one car (934) although it came with a better plastic front bumper.

Again the body is straight from the static kit of the same model Porsche 935.
The decals are a complete pain! Because they are not decals, They are transfers from the static kit again. Because of age, they are so hard to apply. There is a technique I've been told? To paint these right needs a master. So much detail it's unreal. The first of many Martini Tamiya cars to come.

These are well priced for their age. 200 will get you a gorgeous one. 400-500 for a NIB. Not bad for number two R/C from Tamiya.

This car & the 934 also came with dry cell battery holders. Ni-Cads were only just being introduced at the time. '76-'77?

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