58023 - Holiday Buggy
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By PeterPan64 22/01/2008 18:13:08

A return to the loft identified a very sorry looking carrier bag. A bag that has been carried from house to house for some considerable time. Inside is a Holiday Buggy dating back to before i left home. Reviews say it was a 1980 kit, i left home in 1980 and it was almost destroyed by then so i'm guessing it was available before that?? Can anyone state otherwise? I now intend to restore it to it's former glory, can anyone help with a new shell and decal set?


By Zakspeed 07/05/2007 19:50:10

The Holiday Buggy is a very basic design and was Tamiyas offering to the entry level RC brigade along with it's twin chassis of the Sand Rover. If memory serves me right a full Holiday Buggy set up in 1983 with 7.2V battery and Acoms Radio gear was 90 in my local model shop. For comparison the Subaru Brat was 97 and the Sand Scorcher 147.
Suspension is very basic and fitment of all the radio gear with double sided tape meant a few mishaps with the steering and throttle unless the mounts were modified.
Due to it's simplicity and lightness it was suprisingly quick compared to a similiar kitted out Brat of it's era. My mate always had more flat out speed with his Holiday Buggy over my Brat to his amusment.
The rear GRP suspension arm used to snap when extreme jumping was carried out and the front wishbone mounts on the chassis used to snap with regular fashion, but everthing was easy to fix and plenty of people have come up with mods over the years to eliviate these weaknesses. Still a few about - get the best you can afford and enjoy.


By Stevo309 19/08/2006 00:27:08

Probably my favourite due to it being my first ever proper r/c model car. Unbelievably simple and crude the Holiday Buggy was aimed at the beginner and had a suitably cheap price tag to match. The Sand Rover is based on the same chassis. Parts have become quite rare and therefore command high prices. The Holiday Buggy has a realistic shell based on real Californian sand dune racers and is moulded from flexible impact resistant plastic. The makes it almost impossible to paint without the paint falling off.

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