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19 (Teaser Trailer)
Many brave models were lost during the vintage years. Another 19 models go a new tour of duty in this explosive DVD! Some of the most amazing footage we've filmed yet!
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By beefmuffin 09/01/2013 03:38:51
HAHAHAHA ahhh so this is where all the silliness lives. daddy like.
By Moosey 25/02/2008 19:54:07
I never thought anyone would find them all! LOL!!
Even i had trouble remembering them.. ;-)

Congrats & Cheers!
By pikachoo75 11/02/2008 14:11:00
alas the title of supreme geek may be taken,but now you all know which models you're looking for.
i hav'nt mentioned WHERE they are ,but they are all in there,so get crackin with the pause button and see if YOU can find them too.
Sneeky mr hi-lift is well hidden considering he's decked out like an american cop desert trooper's rig.He's certainly the most fun to find!
I think this is an excellent addition to an already great DVD...where's waldo!
By Stevo309 11/02/2008 09:35:07
Yep I think it certainly does. Well spotted :-)
By pikachoo75 10/02/2008 23:28:46
i reckon the mystery static seven are ....tamiya mini cooper,wild willy original,toyota celica grb rally,subaru brat,holiday buggy,ford f350 hi lift in police colours and a kyosho lazer zx-r.? Does this mean i win the title of cheif geek o the anorak?
By Moosey 03/01/2008 15:53:30
Right guys, those of you who have bought our new 19 DVD. Lets see how much of it you have taken in ;-)

There are 7 cars/trucks in the background or foreground that are NOT included on the 19 'Role of honour' list.

What are they?

I'll give you a clue to the hardest one to find. It's in the movie with a very nice 4WD red car ;-)

Oh and, NONE of the 7 cars/trucks are moving.
By pikachoo75 12/12/2007 22:41:15
" I pity the fool who dont buy this dvd! " B.A.Barracus.

Who say's Xmas can't come early?! That is exactly what this DVD is! All the magic of Tamiya brought to life in perfect glory for a whopping 69 minutes.
Yet again prepare yourself for sensory overload,the editing,the music,the thrills....the spills!
All in the trademark quality of Tamiya101.com. This time round you get a tasty portion of EACH model in its own mini-movie, aswell as group mayhem.
And as if that wasn't enough,the special bonus features at the end had me in histerics!...bigwig....heehee.you'll see! Benny Hill would be proud!
This film is a must see,must hear,mustn't wet yourself joyride with the best Tamiya's you could imagine.there's drifting in the sand,jumping,bumping,rallying and the kind of carry on that only grown men can think up!

" I love it when 19 Tamiya's come together ". Hannibal Smith.
By Zakspeed 10/12/2007 18:45:58
Well, what can I say, This is without doubt the best DVD to come from Tamiya101 & Stevo309 and Moosey have not let us down. When was the last time you saw a movie about the XR311 or FAV / Ford Rangers and the like? and box art ones to boot - true shelf queens driven in anger....
Superb editing,locations, movie content to keep you amazed.
It's worth buying just for the Bigwig video in the 'extras' section. I've still got stitches in my side .... !!!!!......
Cheers guys
By rad22rad 10/12/2007 17:28:56
Quite simply the BEST Tamiya RC DVD ever produced. Moosey and Stevo309 worked really hard on this one and it shows. Highly Recommended.
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