It's the return of the Holiday Buggy...

By Stevo309 - Friday 25th June 2010

Or is it...?

Spy pics have been published of the forthcoming Holiday Buggy kit which i'm sure some of you have seen. I thought initially this might be a joke as the model in question was clearly a very early prototype and reserved my judgement but Tamiya have the new model 58470 listed on their US website (as DT02) so it is for real!

I should point out that i'm a huge fan of the Holiday Buggy as it was my first Tamiya R/C car and even now I have a runner and a shelfer so I was excited!

What is obvious though is a lack of effort on their part because the familiar shell is on the more modern DT02 chassis. In my view this isn't really a re-release at all. Just a re-hash of an old shell but with holes cut out for the shock absorbers! On the one hand the original Holiday Buggy was hardly a great performer and was very budget to say the least with several durability problems but on the other hand this is still a scale model and by cutting the shell up they are ignoring the realism of the kit. Certainly this will be a better performer than the original but not a better looker, the track is also too wide from what I can see.

I think any of us could have done this with an old Holiday Buggy shell to be honest. Tamiya should have tried harder. Perhaps this is a lazy attempt to cash in on the re-release wave of interest without spending out on design and development of a more modern equivalent of the original Holiday Buggy platform. At the very least the shell should have remained the same and they could have narrowed the track and used the original wheels. If the model looked the same but performed better that could be something we would welcome.

For now though we'll have to wait a see, let's hope the spy pics are only a rough prototype and actually the plan isn't quite as it appears to be!


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You need a good paint brush...

By moosey - Friday 4th June 2010 get rid of all that built up dust on your models. Seeing as it's been a lovely day I thought I'd do a bit of cleaning. Well, RC cleaning anyway. Nothing here has been run much in the last 6 months, so I thought I'd give them a treat of dusting and sun light! Just my runners mind. And, ya not supposed to see the crack in the Blazer bonnet.. :-(


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I'm not touching your glow stick!?!...

By Volksrod - Saturday 29th May 2010

Don't ask! Ya get the idea from the title. Abart time we got out and had some fun again. The original 3 amigos! Not laughed so hard in ages, especially at my own bum wind!

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By Char 20/07/2011 10:53:15

THX that's a great anewsr!


You can't be serious!

By Stevo309 - Thursday 27th May 2010

Another superb weekend with the lads. It felt like a momentous occasion actually running a new built SRB. You would never run a new built vintage SRB unless you were mad so this was an honour. Boy did they run well, so nice to drive a smooth, quick SRB with no bits falling off. A quick rinse in the hotel shower afterwards and the RR still looks good as new, well apart from the broken roof! I can't believe that one roll = one broken roof. Would have expected Tamiya to have addressed this really as we all know the roof is very weak on these. Oh well, easily glued and still really enjoyed myself.


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What a weekend!...

By moosey - Tuesday 25th May 2010

The sun was out, and HOT! The girls were out, and HOT! The Tamiya's were out, and WET!!

We had yet another fantastic weekend away with the cars at the beach. It's sooooooo nice to run a new SRB with nothing going wrong after a 4 battery thrashing in the sand and water...

Tel you what though, the new re-re Scorcher mirrors are RUBBISH!! They both broke in the bag on the way to the beach!!!


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