After a mad few days....

By moosey - Friday 21st May 2010

Oh my god how good are the re-release kits to build?!?! Really enjoyed every minute of putting this together. I've used all new front and rear, but kept the 'Twinset' chassis set up for running this weekend. Wonderful experience!!!!!

I was bought a Buggy Champ kit for Christmas so I've used most of the chassis here for my runner. Got other plans for what's left. I do love the new 2010 Scorcher though, well apart from the 'bat ear' mirrors!!!


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2 Day Deadline!...

By moosey - Thursday 20th May 2010

Yes, I've left it while the last minute yet again to sort out the new body for my SS runner (must be Volksrod rubbing off on me!) But it's coming together nicely as you can see in the pics.

The yellow isn't really what I wanted, too dark. But that's Halfords paints for you.

The dreaded masking and spraying the red went great! On to all the detailing and decals.. My favourite!


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Coming soon to a beach near you...

By Stevo309 - Wednesday 19th May 2010

Well I got there in the end! I've been working on 2 Rough Riders recently, one for the shelf and one for the road. As we near our beach trip though the priority shifted to the runner and yesterday I managed to build up the chassis from the re-re kit with the body already done and ready to go. This was a hugely enjoyable experience, actually building an SRB from a kit is amazing and i will have to build a Scorcher at some point from a kit too.

I think this one turned out well, the paintwork is bright a vibrant even though i accidentally used polycarb spray! Even though it's in blue i have used the kit white panel decals which i know aren't strictly vintage correct for this colour scheme but for a runner i can live with it. I have also used an aftermarket alloy chassis plate and original front tyres. Anyway enjoy the pics. More pics and an article to come...

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By Delores 21/07/2011 02:44:47

Now that's sultbe! Great to hear from you.


We have a BLOG!!! Here's what I'm up to..

By moosey - Wednesday 12th May 2010

At last we can let you know what's going on behind the scenes here on T101.

As I write this, a few of us are getting ready for another outing in the sand. So it's time to charge those batts and do the usual.. Spray yet another body (and my hand), ready for the camera ;-)

Isn't the new 2010 Scorcher body set amazing & cheap!!!! Perfect for a runner..


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The sun is shining....

By Stevo309 - Wednesday 12th May 2010

It's the time of year when I start getting very excited about the prospect of getting out more with the cars. It's ok in the winter of course and you can enjoy some mud action but my recently found burst of enthusiasm fueled by the prospect of a nice Rough Rider re-release runner has taken it's toll on my workshop! As you can see from the photo really need to get a grip and have a tidy up :-)

It amazes me how quickly it can get to this stage. If you look closely you'll see that very few of my runners are actually ready to run as I always end up robbing parts, especially electrics to get something else running. Can't wait to get on the beach though!


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